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Last week I finally got around to jumping on the bandwagon for online bookmarking. This week they’re introducing an import feature that allows you to easily import existing bookmarks into Now if they’d just make it a tad bit prettier (without allowing the design to get in the way of the usability.)

Von has new illustration and painting work up at Hello Von. The watercolor-feeling paintings are quite nice.

T-shirt/apparel blog Preshrunk has redesigned with the Hemingway WordPress theme. (I personally really like the way Hemingway handles monthly archives, individual posts, and overall styling, especially attention to line height and list items.)

If watching this doesn’t make you happy and in the mood to dance it up, I’m fairly certain we cannot be friends because you have no soul.

Super-awesome Mac icons. Those Gentlemen’s Den icons DESTROY. (via Ken)

Rachael Papo was an 18 photographer with the Israeli Air Force. Serial No. 3817131 is a wonderfully fascinating photographic view into the lives of her fellow soldiers. (Semi-related sidenote: I was sent this link in an email with the subject line: “Am I the only one that’s getting turned on by this?” Not exactly my first reaction, but I suppose boys will be boys.)

Forget spinners, you want Pimp Starz that display digital graphics, text, and pretty much anything else you want on your rims. (via Mason)

Yesterday, while troubleshooting IE PC stupidity on a site I was working on, I felt like crushing Bill Gates’ head. I’m not much for anti-PC ranting, but honestly, why is it that the richest man in the entire world cannot simply hire a small army of nerds with stock options and say “fix my web browser”? Can you imagine the number of work hours and productivity that are being lost in the webdesign industry because of dealing with designing for Internet Explorer? (More head-crushing action in this Flickr pool.)

Fun episode. Sneaky, sneaky “Henry Gale.” Random Kate flirtation. Blacklight map! Everyone is sweaty and pissed off. A con man lost in poker to a SURGEON? Operation Dharma Drop (mac and cheese!) was in full effect.

Next week, Hurley goes BANANAS.

How to make Vegan Twinkies in the comfort of your home. You know… if you happen to be into that.

Hey kids, here’s something fun. Mike Cina is using the Revolver Fast Image Rotation Engine script on his site True is True. Now, this probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but considering that True is True was the inspiration for me starting Prom Night Fist Fight and that my frustrations with updating PNFF led Tubatomic to writing the FiRE script in the first place, it’s sort of one of those full circle things now. I love the internet sometimes.

This Flickr photoset of Australian festival performers Strange Fruit is pretty and spectacular. And pretty spectacular. All at the same time.

Two designers I appreciate, Jemma Hostetler and Harsh Patel (coolest name ever?), have an art/design show at The Art Gallery of Knoxville that opens this Saturday and runs through the 25th. I think I might go for opening night.

Jack Passion is a soul rock casserole. He is also a funk salad. And now… He’s the 3rd place World Champion of Full Natural beards.

THIS would make the most awesome rug EVER. Actually, come to think of it, I want a mini-sized one to use as a doormat. Nothing says “WELCOME!” quite like that.

Check out Plan 59, a retro image gallery (and gift shop) of 50’s style illustrations, photos, ads, etc. Classically great stuff.

Long story short, I haven’t really updated HRTWRK with any actual work since I moved to Chattanooga a few months ago to take a job with Tubatomic Studio. Which is not to say that I haven’t been doing work, because I have. In addition to the various websites I’m designing and occasionally programming at The Tub, I’ve been getting to do a lot of personal and professional work I’m passionate about… namely becoming a better illustrator and (to a lesser extent) photographer. I have other (non-portfolio) plans for HRTWRK, as a brand and a domain, that will occur before the summer’s over. You’ll like it. Promise.

That being said, you can now find my portfolio of work here. It’s still a quick, temporary design, but I wanted to get something online. It features some photography, logos, illustrations, t-shirts, lots of various pieces from the cre824 Webdesign Festival, and a series of three posters that will be printed and available for purchase soon.

Enjoy browsing.

P.S. Unless you’re viewing it in Safari, it’s probably styled wrong (or not at all.) I haven’t had time to troubleshoot IE and Firefox yet. Bear with me, please.

Dooce ever-so tactfully talks about Big Love, the new HBO series about a polygamous family and touches on the Mormon Church, too. Interesting POV.

From the friendly confines of the Central Intelligence Agency comes The World Factbook, which is a handy reference to geography, government, economy, and other information about just about every country in the world. So, if you’re looking for maps of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, this is the place for you.

“A black child was more likely to grow up living with both parents during slavery days than he or she is today” says The Washington Post. “Marriage is for white people.” (Although we don’t seem to be fairing too well in that regard either.)

If you’re on the lookout for some surf culture-inspired, sketchy t-shirts, visit The Ryde. Great guys, great shirts. Uno Mas.