iTrapped – Contacts Trapped in iPhone

Jul 14

Brad and Ryan managed to come up with this idea/concept. Then Ryan, Rubin, and I tried it out.

It’s crazy tiny inside an iPhone.


  1. They’re all good, but yours is the best. Priceless expression.

  2. Plz t3ll me yur w3ar1ng s0meth1ng 1n my iPh0n3z. L01ncloth?

  3. I love it so much…

  4. This looks like fun.

  5. No! You stole my idea for my new virb profile! agh!

  6. Ha! Good call Trey!

  7. So awesome.

  8. Trey – GENIUS.

  9. I wish I understood how this was accomplished.
    Do you guys just have a black wall and glass lying around?
    I mean.. Really, I’m dumbfounded!

    Props to the VIRBÂș guys!

  10. If I had to guess, it looks like they did it using a scanner and uploaded the pictures to the iphone.

  11. i would buy an iphone if joshua blankenship was inside it. like a little oompa-loompa.

  12. I wish I understood how this was accomplished.

    In spontaneous fashion Brad and Ryan:

    1. Found a door with glass in it
    2. Pushed the face/hands of various contacts onto glass
    3. Took photo (w/ iPhone camera) from the other side of the glass
    4. Blacked out the background using computers
    5. Assigned each photo to its respective caller

    In retrospect, using a black sheet would eliminate the need for step 4, but we were in a hurry.

  13. Brilliant I say

  14. Geniuses.

  15. Featured on Photojojo’s email newsletter today.

    Congrats boys!

  16. Smooshtacts? What the?

  17. You should revolt with a better name.

  18. davis

    the photojojo story just hit digg front page… congrats, you’re internet-famous.

  19. Nice way to get yourself noticed joshua! I’ve seen your face everywhere today.

  20. yert

    dang, yo. this is the jam diggity.

  21. Edward

    Great idea…perfect when address book gets cover flow. :)

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