The CD Cover Meme

Feb 17

List of Asteroids

The CD Cover Meme:

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Here’s the original photo by Kent Mercurio.


  1. I participated, and think I got rather lucky with the names. Clame for blog post.

  2. James Currie


    Band name: Lost Angels
    Album Title: Of the Damn Things

    Love it.

  3. Wow. A menacing looking Yorkie in a sweater. Band name: Bell. Album: Root of All Evil. How appropriate!

  4. Stunning entry there Mr. Blankenship.

  5. Amazingness.

    Band name: Eye Injury
    Album name: Between Education and Catastrophe
    Album cover: Inappropriate photo of blurred out woman in short black dress

  6. Elbows on the Table

  7. Awesome meme! Responded on my company blog:

    Artist: Elk Township
    Title: And They Are Growing
    Pic: Chapel(?) candles

  8. Love the meme.
    One of the better ones out there.
    Here’s mine.

  9. Jamie

    Band Name: Just Married
    Album Title: To Control Your Thoughts (hahaha)
    Album Cover: A HUGE Warhol-esque picture of a daisy.

  10. Sean

    Album name: To Keep Up
    Band: Troisier’s Sign
    Cover art: Sunset over the ocean

  11. Mircat

    Band Name: National Youth Service Corps
    Album Title: Close Together As Possible
    Album Cover: One person standing all alone in what appears to be a huge lobby

    How funny and perfect!

  12. Galileo

    Band name: Uniface
    Album title: Choice of His Enemies
    Cover pix: “Evening Tree” (a stark bare tree silhouetted against a dramatic sunset)

    This is way cool.

  13. Band Name: Retroactive Nomenclature (sounds like I play inaccessible modern jazz)
    Album Title: Go To Erase It (probably would’ve been advised not to choose this title by the record company)
    Cover:”Hora Azul en Monda” — twilight picture of a village in southern Spain.

    Lot’s of fun. Thanks!

  14. Sarah

    Band name: Concrete Stone Bridge
    Album Name: A Ton of Luck
    Cover Art: A naked baby crawling with “waterspout hair”

  15. superbeefinder

    Not bad. My album name is ” A Dirty Little Beast”

    Band name is “Aldwin”

  16. Dan

    oh this is the greatest thing…

    Battles of the Isonzo -> Strange Names to Diseases

  17. Chris Hart

    I like mine …

    Band: The Star of the Witch Queen
    Album: Then Take the Risks
    Picture: A sitting black puma

  18. Elaine

    Title of Album: All The Rest Worthwhile
    Group Name: Kees Schouhamer Immink
    Cover: A bunch of seagulls flying willy nilly over the ocean


  19. Dana

    Band: Manor St. George
    Album: Different From Being Rash
    Picture: Close-up of pretty purple flowers

    I love the album name, not sure how the other 2 fit in!

  20. erica

  21. OneCharmingBastard

    Orion 2
    “What You Might Be”

    Picture – “Brotherly Love”

  22. misterjette

    Band: Novi Sad
    Title: Fit This Year’s Fashions
    Cover photo:

    I like it

  23. So I wouldn’t normally just admit to it, but I was on Pop Candy and unsuspectingly found myself at this entry. I think I clicked the link at least three times to make sure it was actually happening. Congratulations?

  24. nicolette

    Band Name-92.9
    Album Title-Somewhere, may be happy
    CD cover-picture of 2 purple flowers
    interesting cd, right???

  25. TW

  26. Aaron

    Band Name: Mosque Bab ul Islam
    Album Title: The Reality of Tomorrow

    Cover: Habenero Chili Sauce

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  27. Guy

    Band Name: LeisureJet
    Album: That we cannot do
    Album Cover: a b/w photo of two monks sitting on a train with a banner over their heads –

  28. Mia

    I Killed your Karma by the band Cherio Electric Train.
    Cover of a Squirrel –


  29. heimy

    I got lucky too!
    For I Don’t Know – Album Name
    Controversy – Band Name
    Picture of a Blow Fish

  30. Hey, I followed saw this on PopCandy, and think this meme ROCKS!

    Here’s my result:

  31. Marge

    This was so much fun!

    Band: AM Cable
    Title: Slow to Grow Bear
    Picture: A small cup of coffee ice cream on a floor

    I feel like a record executive

  32. Album: Music is to Music
    Band name: Malayan Flying Frogs
    Image: A crouching squirrel.

    Now all I need is a myspace page for this band and some Internet buzz and I’ll be the Next Big Thing.

  33. Katie

    Band: Kingston Township
    CD name: Endanger the Public Liberty

    Picture is of dancers feet and their reflection on a shiny floor.

  34. Peggy

    Love the site.

    Band name: Boris Zovkovic
    Title: Still lies within us
    Album cover: Young boy sitting next to steps

    My band is a wonderful Russian glam metal band with lots of big hair and tight pink pants.

  35. liz

    Band name: Whitsunday
    Title: To give it away
    cover: Dilapidated room with an empty wooden chair

    My band= mid-ninties apathetic grunge garage band

  36. you are a genius.

    album title: is to be misunderstood
    band name: Phoenicia Railroad Station

  37. gls

    Band Name: Double Trouble
    Album Name: Keep Out of Range
    Picture: a spotted horse looking over a fence with a mountain in the background

  38. cj

    Band Name: Silo
    Album Name: Flesh and Blood Tommorow
    Picture: 2 guys inside a bar at a long table (dark and gloomy looking bar)

  39. Laura

  40. R2J

    This is one of the cooler things I’ve seen.

    The funniest part is every single one of these could be from an emo band.

  41. Scott

    Dipylon Master

    Album: Through changing, you’re through

    This is awesome

  42. Knibbsy

    Band: Political Religion
    Album: Fill the world with fool (the last five words worked better than the last four)
    Cover image: A swimming pool in the sun?
    I like the first image better: A life-size Ronald McDonald surrounded by trash

    This is fun, I love radom generators, and they suit the music concept well.

    Wicked, thanks x

  43. Here’s mine. It’s a really funny game.

  44. If you enjoy this meme, check out you can even post your album there!

  45. Band name: Metal Earth
    Album: War
    Album cover: a guitar in flames

  46. Steve

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