Did You Know Americans Spend $450 BILLION on Christmas Each Year?

Dec 03

For our part, The Blankenships are trying to make as many of our gifts and as much of our packaging as possible this year. You can find out more about what other folks are doing at Advent Conspiracy or on their blog.


  1. Quite refreshing to see other people are thinking about this too.

  2. I love the presentation and message behind it. Very refreshing to see.

  3. My church took part in this last year and raised about $70K to give to a village in Africa. It was amazing to see a community making their own gifts for family and friends and giving what they would have spent on gifts to the Advent Conspiracy. Since last year, their have been people from our community that have visited the village and seen firsthand what our money has gone towards, mainly fresh water wells. Our relationship with this African community will last for decades. And all because of last year’s Advent Conspiracy.

  4. i’m blessed to be apart of one of the three churches that started this. it’s been really cool to see happen around here for the past few years.

  5. chris

    Does anyone know what song is played at the end of the movie?

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