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Sometimes, ffffound!’s recommendations are way off. And then sometimes I find myself saying “Why YES! I do love a boxy paper cutout of the Norse God of Thunder Thor.”

If any of you have an abundance of goodwill and a spare $189.95, I will be more than happy to supply you with my mailing address so you can send me this. I thank you in advance.

This Terry Colon illustration from the October issue of Reason Magazine is clever, well-executed and informative. No small feat when you’re talking about the U.S. immigration process and what has to be almost insurmountable bureaucracy.

Alabama screenprint maestros Standard Deluxe will be getting a visit from the Blankenships and one Katie Brock today. Photos and commentary to follow.

I’m loving this poster from illustrator Eric Smith (aka I Draw All Day), who is undergoing cancer treatment and donating the proceeds to the Live Strong Foundation.

Someone made a 3D sculpture of the Twitter Fail Whale, that cute little illustration from Yiying Lu that greets Twitter users when the site is down (and somehow is supposed to cute overload me into being ok that the site is down, again.)

Gorgeous cut paper, watercolor, and etc. illustration from Stina Persson. (Some potentially NSFW imagery in there.)

Universe man, Universe man

Size of the entire universe man
Usually kind to smaller man
Universe Man

He’s got a watch with a minute hand,
Millenium hand and an eon hand
When they meet it’s a happy land
Powerful man, Universe Man
They Might Be Giants, Particle Man

Universe Man is on Prom Night Fist Fight now.

The newly-released soon-to-be-released English Standard Version Study Bible is typographically gorgeous, filled with illustrations, and the website isn’t bad either. Wikipedia has a write-up on the ESV.

Rubenslp Fresh illustration style from Rubens LP (Is that your name? Could you please be more cryptic about your personal information on your website? I think the “falecom” in your email means “talk to” in Portuguese, so I’m just piecing all this together.)

Whatever the case, I love the mixture of simple colors, intentional line work, and unfinished bits, too. It’s a tad reminiscent of a less-insane version of Bill Sienkiewicz‘s comic book illustration work and Julie West‘s work, but manages to stand on its own.

Wilhelm Staehle’s Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre is flat out amazing. It’s hard to beat images like Hi, Bear, Bye, Bear and Mrs. Mix-A-Lot.

Also be sure to visit Staehle’s other site The Dollar Dreadful Family Library — a collection of exciting, thrilling, and ghastly short stories with exquisite vintage illustrations.

Quote, “The process goes as follows: fold down [newsprint] paper to a4 size, print, unfold and align design to next print, fold down again, print. (do this as many times as you want, overprinting colours always looks good)” Mike Lemanski gives a quick how-to on printing with cheap newsprint paper, which he does with great success. The rest of his design and illustration work, especially typographically-speaking, is quite nice.

Updated works from Nessim Higson at I Am Always Hungry.

There’s some gorgeous print work in Charleston-based illustrator Jay Fletcher‘s portfolio. I especially dig the The Charleston Food & Wine Festival poster.

BibliOdyssey has a great write-up on 17th century ornamental typography.

Anna Melcon has been quietly, rapidly growing as an illustrator over the past year.

Pieces like this alphabet poster and bizarre bear have incredible vibe and color, not to mention great conceptual foundation.

You can view more work on Anna’s Flickr page.

WeWorkForThem‘s Mike Young has posted a few images of his 2007 sketchbook on Flickr.

Somehow I managed to miss that Armchair Media‘s own Stefan Kjartansson has a portfolio site of typography and illustration. It is aptly titled How Do You Spell Kjartansson?

Derek Powazek has resurrected true storytelling site Fray as a subscription-based quarterly magazine. The aspect of readers being able to respond to a story with their own true stories is conspicuously missing right now — it was such a huge part of the old Fray — but Derek says it’s on the way. Great site, fantastic content, and I love the overall bigness of the design/layout in regards to illustration and typography.