Catching Up

Anything resembling a proper schedule has been absent this week. This culminated with staying up until around 6:30am last night (…this morning? How do you say that?) and then sleeping in until noon. In between all that madness, I managed to watch Angels in America… which was remarkably unremarkable. It won how many Emmy’s? Are you kidding me? Pacino gets an Emmy for… playing Pacino. Again. Only this time there’s a twist… he’s dying. (Oh, wait… Scent of a Woman… never mind.) There was some interesting dialogue along the way… but essentially a waste of six perfectly good hours of my life. 

No worries… it was a restful day off filled with Cinnamon Life and a roaring fire and my couch. And 23 emails waiting for me when I looked. (Which is a lot for me… back off, i’m not that popular.)

New work to show off soon. Promises, promises.