Killing Time

As I was coming into work today, talking to myself in the car (as usual), the phrase “killing time” crossed my mind and I thought, “What a great phrase.” I say phrases like that off-hand all the time without thinking of their meaning. But this one means what it says and it says what it means. Whenever I engage in one of the activities that routinely get filed under “killing time”… that’s what i’m doing. I’m murdering time. It’s never coming back. I don’t get a re-do. There is no do-over. Nintendo has mistakenly led me to believe that there’s a restart button. Liars. 

So that leaves me with two options… I can kill my time or I can use my time. I want to use my time… and I want to use it wisely. I want to leverage my time (and other resources, talents, etc.) and pour myself into something worthwhile. Time is my most limited resource. I’d hate to kill it by passively letting it slip through my hands.