Roadkill, Trucker Speed, and me

My house, a cute little 50’s style bungalow, sits about 20′ off a fairly busy highway. The house has minimal insulation, which basically means I can hear the loose change jingling in your cupholder or the bottle of speed rolling around in a trucker’s floorboard when they pass. (ok… that was probably an unfair generalization. Not every trucker does speed… all of the time.) It makes for interesting nighttime noises that keep me awake at all hours. Last night at about 2:00am someone hit a dog RIGHT IN FRONT of my house and I will spare you the details but OH MY DANG, IT WAS A WRETCHED SOUND. It woke up every dog in our neighborhood (who are legion) and there was much howling which faded into the distance as the injured pup ran away. In my world, he’s ok now.

I want to move.