Formatting And Consistency

I’ve started to realize that I post a lot more since i’m my own boss now and the regulations around the HRTWRK office are a bit less strict than most office environments. For example, i’m not wearing pants and i’m listening to Jay-Z. I’m sure you know this (the posting more bit, not the no pants/Jay-Z bit) by now since you’re a faithful reader and you come here four times a day. (Hypothetically). However, since you now get a random onslaught of posting throughout the day instead of the former posting schedule dictated by avoiding the 9-5 hours, I feel the need for some formatting and consistency before things get out of hand. It’s selfish, really.

What I mean is that you’ll see more posts with common titles like “File Under: So Hot Right Now” and “You Should Go Visit…” and “Quite Possibly The Best…” and the always popular “Dear [Victim Of My Wrath, Disdain, and/or Love]” series. It’ll be good for everyone involved. 

I really do love you guys for sticking around. Quite the odd community of people we have here… for unknown reasons brought together by my rambling. For all you new folks (and I know you’re there) start weighing in on the comments section if you’re so inclined. That’s where all the action is. Most of the time. Unless you don’t comment. Then there’s no action. Vicious cycle.