Flea Market Morning

Anderson, SC has this sprawling, massive flea market called The Jockey Lot. The Jockey Lot was good to me this morning. 

I returned home with the following schwag: a military issue parachute bag that will make a nice backpack after a few slight alterations, two large hand-painted adverts (with some seriously fantastic art-deco-inspired typography) that were apparently a part of a funeral home sales pitch in the 50’s or 60’s , an old book called Let’s Go To The Desert that will be scanned and used heavily in some new work, and a few CDs like The Very Best Of The Meters, Madonna’s Music (highly underated album), and jazz bassist Stanley Clarke’s Bass-ic Collection, which thankfully includes the lyric, “We supply all your funky needs” in addition to freakish, genre-defining bass playing. The total bill for today’s trip was $24.25. 

In other news, my lower back is so sore from horseback riding yesterday that it feels like someone beat me mercilessly using an alpaca for a baseball bat.