Stuff I Learned This Weekend

1. The Chicago White Sox bullpen gets it done in a serious way. 4 complete games in a row. (Of course, they’re not my beloved Yankees, so I don’t really care.)

2. Lou Piniella has no business being a sports broadcaster. “Now he really knows how to play the game.” Lou… baby… they’re professional baseball players. THEY ALL KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME; that’s what you pay them for. Also, please look AT the camera while you’re talking. You make me nervous.

3. With enough rope, you too can look like a total redneck hauling three sets of mattresses/box springs down the interstate in a big truck.

4. I miss my church band, but it was nice to see them.

5. When I don’t post on the weekends, no one comes to visit this site. (And by “no one” I mean “only a few hundred of you.”)

6. Thanks to my friend Tara Leigh Cobble, I now know (and have photographic proof) that the name “Josh Blankenship” is scrawled graffiti-style on the back of a women’s bathroom stall door in a truckstop somewhere in western Tennessee. I don’t know whether to feel proud or scared, but I am glad that the phrase “For a good time call…” doesn’t proceed said graffiti.