Hello, December (A Month in Review)

10 things i’m really enjoying this month:

1. Flickr. My love for the world’s best online photo community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few weeks as I get to know more people and find more great photography. The “get more interesting photos from the last 7 days” page has become my homepage.

2. Strawberry Twizzlers. 

3. Painting.

4. Reading. I go through phases with reading books and I frustratingly hadn’t been able to finish a book in months, until recently. (Anne Rice’s Memnoch the Devil sort of won me over in a way I didn’t expect.)

5. Carrying a briefcase. I’ve tried various bags/backpacks and had minor successes with them, but finding an all-in-one ORGANIZED solution for carrying my stuff to and from work has always been an issue. When I was unpacking I realized I had my father’s old Samsonite briefcase (complete with vintage 70’s “Hugs Not Drugs” sticker on it) and i’ve been using it. It works. Wonderfully. But I do get strange looks from people.

6. Stretching the creative tendencies by coming up with photos for Whiskerino 2005 everyday. The beard contest and nice community there has been great, but it has (unexpectedly I might add) forced me to be a better photographer and I am thankful for that. Plus… BEARD. 

7. Netflix. I forgot how much I enjoyed having movies waiting for me when I got home until I didn’t have the service (or a home) for almost two months. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

8. Dave Werner, who I met at cre824. Somebody hire him.

9. My two new pairs of New Balance 594s (in blue and beige.) I wasn’t sure that anything could top the 574s… but I really dig these shoes. I don’t even realize i’m wearing them, which is a big deal for an avowed flip flop aficionado.

10. Waiting. I’m usually terrible at it, but i’m trying to (begin to) enjoy the tension of it all. (This isn’t code for anything in particular, it really is an “in general” statement.)