Ridiculous Holiday Gift Suggestions

I can’t help it. I’m just pulled in by their ridiculousness. (If you really want to know what I want for Christmas, look no further than my Gifttagging page.)

The rundown:

  • Henry the Talking Gnome. This 6″ plush gnome that records up to 12 seconds of audio and repeats it back in a little off-kilter gnome voice. Yes, please.
  • Cole & Son Woods Wallpaper. Cole & Son has a tradition of producing wood blocked wallpaper that goes back to 1875. Today they produce both wood blocked and handprinted wallpaper. If ever I went the wallpaper route, this would be the choice.
  • Eva Solo Breadbox. How can a breadbox possibly be awesome? Like this.
  • Wee Ninja. The sheer fact that this item is viewable most likely means you’re most likely about to die. Wee-ily. But deadly-ily.
  • Type Selector Pantone-style fan guide. It contains 226 fonts from all the major type libraries and each entry features special characters and includes a passage of dummy text to see what it looks like in action.
  • Gothic Dinner Plate Set. The juxtaposition of the detailed Victorian patterns on plain old melamine is nice. I will make and sell plates sometime soon. I must.
  • Stokke Gravity Chair. Quite possibly the coolest recliner that has ever existed in the history of seated positioning. No price – potentially scary. $2000+shipping – not bad. (via Derek Nelson)