More Absurdity from the Delusional Advertising Industry

What I really wanted [AMC TV series Mad Men] to be more like was Mad Max. I wanted the hero to be a little off his rocker about doing great work. I wanted to see him threaten to jump out a window to sell a bagel ad…Because advertising is something that deserves to be shown for what it is — an art form…Mad Men should have been about the real heroes in our industry: Those who didn’t just sell toilet paper and cake mix, but changed culture. Those who didn’t know they would be our heroes by simply doing their best. Those who believed in what they were doing without thinking too much of themselves.
— Bart Cleveland, ‘Mad Men’ Could Use More Mad Max

I should just start a post category called More Proof That The Advertising Industry Is So Completely In Love With Itself That It Can’t Think Straight. Mad Max? Art form? Culture changing? Selfless devotion to craft? Freaking HEROES? Are you serious? Your job is to dress up things I don’t need in a package that makes me believe I have to have them. And then repeat. You sell things. You are a salesman. (And I am, too.) You sell toilet paper and cake mix. Get over it. Do it well. I’m a pretty positive guy, but the noble hero rhetoric is almost unbearable.