So Serious: A Collection of Serious Thoughts on Work, Faith, People, & Creativity

Every so often, I’ll have an idea, or a topic, or something will come up, and out comes a long-ish, fairly articulate blog post. Engaging, equally-articulate commentary often follows, things are discussed, points and counter-points are made. It’s fun. 

The problem is, the nature of the blog format and my frequency of posting means that those more in-depth posts only have a shelf life of a week or two at the most, before they fade into obscurity, buried under my 7-posts-a-day linking habit. 

I don’t want to be contributing to the web’s lack of good conversation anymore than I already am. In an attempt to be more pro-active about writing well (in preparation for a personal goal of trying to write a book in ’08) and simply writing more (instead of just editing, like here), I bought a silly domain and now have an outlet for that sort of thing in So Serious. I tried to think of a few key topics I’d most likely be passionate enough about to actually write and research and draft articles on. Work, Faith, People, and Creativity seemed to sum it up well for me. Most of my life intersects with these things on a daily basis.

There are, as always, a few bugs to work out and changes to make (I haven’t even peeked at it in Internet Explorer), but it’s at least ready for public outing. So Serious will of course get some press on this blog whenever I write new articles there, or you can grab the Serious RSS feed to stay in the loop. Don’t expect Very Daily Weblog-esque prolificness, I have no set schedule in mind, but hopefully there will be a strong sense of quality over quantity with the articles.

Thanks for reading.