Welcome Back to The South

The Blankenships arrived in Anderson, SC (our temporary home until we find a place in Greenville) late Monday night. During the course of our Southbound travels we saw half of the East Coast, many good friends, the depths and heights of New York City, Sloan from Alias, front row (car) seats for a fist fight between two surly gas station attendants at Jersey Turnpike gas stop, and insane winds (ok, we didn’t technically “see” the wind, but it was crazy windy.)

Yesterday we scoped many apartments. Last night we made a decision. Today we sign on the dotted line. We’ll have a week in Dallas for Christmas with Mandy’s family, and then return to The SC to move our stuff into our apartment in time for the New Year. I start work at NewSpring Church on January 2nd.

The South has welcomed us; I welcome you to what’s next.