Notes to Self Updates/RSS

I gave .com/notestoself a bit of spring cleaning lovin’ this past weekend, which mainly consisted of porting the entire thing over to WordPress. It was a bit of a fool’s errand in the grand scheme of things, but an interesting experience nonetheless.

Notes to Self never had a content management system or database backend; it was just an html file I would handcode. This was great, because it had a small footprint and was quick and easy. The problem was I would forget about it. Even though it was easy, it was a multi-step process that would get lost in the shuffle with so many other work-related and personal projects and life responsibilities.

So, yes, WordPress is crazy-robust for such a simple application. In fact, it will most likely prove to be too slow to continue using in the future, especially if Notes ever got a ton of traffic. But for now, at least everything is sitting tidy in a database (that I could ostensibly export/import into another CMS down the road), there are permalinks, and there is (finally) an RSS feed for your usage. Enjoy.