New Attitude 2008

It’s just past the time I’m normally waking up and I’ve been somewhat coherent for at least fours hours now. Mrs. Blankenship and I are currently sitting in the C Concourse of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport awaiting our delayed connection flight to Louisville, KY. She’s reading the National Geographic issue about China and I’m wondering if it would be weird to eat Qdoba before 9:00am.

We’re on our way to the New Attitude conference for a few days to soak up some teaching from a few pastors/teachers (John Piper, Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney and others) and meet a few dotcomrades in person for the first time.

I’m also excited to see the Louisville Slugger Museum, The Speed Art Museum, Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft (do you see a theme?), and all the tasty typographical treats Matthew Wahl has cooked up for the conference, eat some good local food, meet lots of new people, and generally enjoy some vacation with my wife in a city neither of us have visited before.

I also hear that the Kentucky Reggae Festival is this weekend. I bet that would be a riot.