Plainview Fullscreen Browser for Presentations

Dotcomrades at The Barbarian Group have released a fullscreen, borderless browser for client presentations called Plainview.

Straight from the Barbarian’s mouth: “We Barbarians give a lot of presentations. A lot of speeches. A lot of Dog and Pony shows. People want to see our work. And the work we do is on the Internet. And, until now, we really had two options for showing our Internet work: we could capture it all to Quicktime, and throw it into Powerpoint or Keynote, so we could present in a nice full-screen mode that looked professional, or we could try to show it in the browser, and have all that ugly chrome distracting people from our beautiful sites.”

Plainview has a few options (hotkeys, bookmarks, presentation mode for collecting sites into groups, multiple windows, etc.) but mostly it just gets out of the way and shows off your work in a completely functional, distraction-free browser environment. Oh, and it’s completely free.

Love those Barbarians.