You Can’t Do Everything Yourself So Stop Trying

I work with a gent named Jon. He is smart. He is methodical. And Jon gets things done. Currently, he’s managing multi-million dollar construction and facilities-related projects. He interacts with the client and with a multitude of subcontractors. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if he wanted to be the architect, too? And install the electrical lines? And paint the walls? And make sure the equipment on site had enough diesel fuel? And manage all the deadlines? And do all the things on the punchlist? I wonder if one of the reasons Jon gets things done is because he doesn’t do all of it himself. 

I do web design. And print design. And layout work. And creative/art direction. And copywriting. And strategy. And more and more I’m realizing I need to take cues from the way people like Jon get things done, or I’ll never get anything done. (At least nothing exceptional and universe-denting.)

What pieces can you let go so the whole is better?