Unleash Conference ’09

In approximately 8 hours, a few thousand people will begin sleepily arriving at NewSpring Church for our annual Unleash Conference, a one-day gathering designed to challenge, encourage, and motivate church leaders. 

I’ve been busy getting that day-of site up and running, along with prepping two speaking gigs—one on Communications & Web Strategy with my partner in comm Suzanne Swift, and superquick 10 minute soapbox on Cultivating a Creative Workplace Culture. I just used a stopwatch to time myself on the soapbox spiel, and it’ll be down to the wire.

You can tune in to the main sessions on the day-of page starting at 9:00am EST; we’ll be stretching Mogulus‘ limits on free streaming. The soapbox sessions might be streamed, too, along with some other Atrium antics. 

I’m excited. For now, sleep.