Ways They’ll Screw-Up the New G.I. Joe Movie: Part 4

Again with the character design changes! Why can’t moviemakers leave well enough alone?

Up top you see a screenshot from the Japanese trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra with a glimpse of “Cobra Commander” (I use that term lightly here) having a chat with Destro. Then you see cartoon CC pointing (and likely laughing) because Destro is essentially Dr. Who with a Scottish accent. And cartoon Destro laughing because Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cobra Commander (henceforth referred to as JGLCC) is wearing a hightech SARS mask and a bad suit. 

It’s not really the casting I take issue with. (Though Garry Oldman is Cobra commander in my mind.) It’s the incessant need for Hollywood to think they know better, and that they must change things. It’s rarely a good idea.