A Thought on Hiring

“I hire people, not portfolios. The world needs people with attitude.”

Erik Spiekermann

Portfolios are typically a solid gauge of talent, drive, and proficiency. But they only show you what a person has done, not what they will do. Not what they’re capable of. Portfolios are monuments to the past (and if the candidate is really on top of it, maybe hints of the present). 

But portfolios don’t forecast the future. And if the interview process goes well, the future is the timeframe the candidate will start working for you.

A portfolio gets someone in the door. It’s the audition; it’s not the performance. What can they bring to the table? Where can they grow? What can they be? Use your imagination. Try to articulate their future, because it could be part of your future. 

The best ideas for moving your company, organization, or team forward might be in the people that aren’t a part of it. Yet.