Five Comics I Loved (and Still Love)

[hits roof of every 80s/90s comic Frank touched] these babies can hold so many freaking ninjas. If it involved Frank Miller, Ninjas, or Frank Miller Ninjas, I was there for it. On and off the page, Miller is complicated, but Mignola — and the world he created around Hellboy — remains my forever favorite. 

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Season 8 Prediction Sheet

Who will live, who will die, and who will become a mindless undead frozen wight? Lindsey Charles has The Ultimate Game of Thrones Season 8 Prediction Sheet for your downloading pleasure and rampant speculation.

Multilingual Let It Go

I have a 4yo daughter who is firmly in Disney Princess Mode right now, so we’re used to letting it go on the daily. But it’s incredible to see it sung in this many languages!

On Long Term People

Pick an industry where you can play long term games with long term people.

Naval Ravikant

On Your Friends and Your Future

Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.

Bill Cosby

Considering he’s is currently serving three to ten in a state prison, it makes you wonder who Cosby’s friends were.

2PM, Inc.

If you want to learn more about the intersection of brand, commerce, media, and data, 2PM’s free newsletter is your first stop. Can’t say enough good things about Web Smith’s work on this.

This is What Graphic Design is Now

“This is what graphic design is now”. Bobby doing the Lord’s work collecting some of the recent trend — blobby flora colorfully nuzzling tasteful serifs. There’s no reason trends like this can’t be 100% AI-generated. (Best comment goes to “Bruh that’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”) Other relevant references: Matisse cutouts and Marleigh Culver

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

My design crush on Barbara Stauffacher Solomon is super-sized.

On Fighting the Good Fight

Thwart institutional cowardice.

Werner Herzog

How to Dunk on a Design Leadership Job When You Apply

I’ve been running my design studio full-time for more than two years now, but about once a year I get an itch to see what’s out there.

Is there some opportunity worth trading away the freedom and independence I enjoy now? Some grand scheme, perfect role, or giant payday? Or, like, non-terrible health insurance? Sometimes it’s good to look, even if you’re enjoying what you do.

The Itch & The Pitch

Last year the itch hit me in March. After a great first year in business, the studio had a slow start on year two. We bid a couple of large scale multi-disciplinary projects, but didn’t get either. Left with some free time, I dove into side projects, and started lazily poking around the job boards. And then, surprisingly, one caught my eye. 

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