The New

The good: after a solid 9-day push of all-nighters, we rolled out the initial version a few minutes ago. I don’t know what day it is, but i’m fairly certain i’m hungry and my lower back is killing me.

The bad(?): There are a metric ton of Internet Explorer woes to tackle, as well as a big list of design tweaks and type changes mainly pertaining to giving the blog(s) some much needed loving care. There’s more content to add. There’s a Resources section to finish. There’s a slick new video player to rollout (more on that later). There are 3+ years of audio and video to port over to the new site/servers. Lots of IM pats on the back to Mr. Noah Stokes, who handled all the development heavy lifting. There are bloggers to train on a new content management system and strategy meetings to be had about what features should be added where. There are hallway conversations and emails to field. There’s second-guessing to be done and typos to be fixed…

All that to say, there’s always something. Perfection in design is illusory, especially in regards to the web. You strive for it, and walk in the tension between it and productivity, but at some point, you just have to launch the thing and then hit the ground running in the fallout, dodging shrapnel and enjoying the weather.

This is a foundation. An experiment. A process. A series of little victories yet to be had. I’m excited.

P.S. if anyone ever suggests launching a full corporate rebranding and a new website on the same weekend on a roughly 6 month timeline, punch them in the nose and call them silly names, because they are idiots. I’d hit myself in the face for suggesting it to myself (and others!), but I’m too tired to fight.