Better Musicians Than I

i slept for 12 hours last night. i mean…what? 7PM-7AM. that’s just crazy. maybe my body was calling me out for working too hard. 

so, just found out i’m opening for dave barnes. it’s funny (to me at least) that i’ve been trying to play a show with him for like a year, and it never works out…especially gigs in TN…and he comes to my backyard SC and things work out. hmm…makes me think i shouldn’t strive for some things so hard, eh? nonetheless…it will be fun. he’s getting better and better…and those songs? give me a break. so good.

currently listening to chris thile’s (of nickel creek) solo deal…um? FREAK. yeah, i said it. he’s not human. he’s a freak. mandolin’s aren’t supposed to sound like that…love it. actually, this is what should happen, you should go ahead and drop him a line at tell him he makes my head hurt. in a good way.