Weekend Update

crazy weekend. crazy weekend. crazy weekend.

where to begin?

first…i just drove by stewart’s…which is our local pseudo-waffle house-esque-ish-y establishment, only with a thick layer of nicotine and grease on everything in the place…even the employees. their sign reads “now serving breakfast bowls” and the thought that came to mind was “you know, if they’d just put an “e” after the “w”…they’d be so right.”

moving on. the south kills me. this is such a unique place. example, you ask? ok. funerals. a funeral procession drives by, everyone in oncoming traffic politely pulls to the side of the road and stops, turns down their radios, takes off their hats, etc. does this happen in jersey? or chicago? or new york? something tells me no. i always wondered who the respect was for though. (not knocking it, just trying to understand it) the deceased? the family? everything gets so….weird….when it comes to death and the ideas about what happens after. it’s like there’s this unspoken reverence for the entire process/situation.

which brings me to this morning. church continues to grow. madness. 3150ish folks this morning…in the middle of no where SC. oh…but the point? somewhere around 75 of those people jumped out on faith publicly today and said “ok jesus…i think you’re real.” no worries about the after-death theories. some rock and roll…some community…some drastic life change. not a bad sunday. i spent the majority of yesterday building an 8′ tall, 300 lb. castle door that we used as a stage prop…time well spent i’d say…even if i still can’t get some of this stupid stone textured paint off my hands. (if you dig on listening to good communicators, you can download the mp3 of today’s message…it’ll probably get uploaded to the site tomorrow morning.) just further proof in my mind and heart that people can try all the self-help they want (or “external fix-it remedies” as wertz so aptly called them)…but self help is no help at all…and we can’t change jack about our lives on our own. thank God (literally) for hope. sigh….i love this place.

mmm…crazy weekend.

and now? sunday afternoon nappage.

(by the way…spell check’s closest match to “nappage?” navajo. hmm…yes, but completely not.)

do yourself a flava…go get jonny lang‘s new album, long time coming. just go…just go. ain’t no woman like the one i’ve got? for-get-about-it. crazy good.