the quote of the day? michael buzzard.

“Do I complain a lot? It’s come to my attention (finally) that I mainly use blather to…moan about one thing or another. Maybe I should drink more?”

for whatever reasons…that made me laugh out loud when i got to work today. 

right now? listening to queens of the stoneage bootlegs…loudly. you know…rekindling that love for metal just needs to happen from time to time. one can only listen to singer/songwriters for so long…then the metal must rule itunes for a bit…it’s a cycle. prior to my discovery of the acoustic guitar, when i was a “total metal kid,” i had a college roommate who was completely “into” phish and the dead and numerous other bands (who sounded like phish and the dead). he would regularly walk into our dorm while i was rocking to slayer or pantera (or some such ridiculous metal band) and just start going “SATAN, SATAN, SATAN” over and over again. it’s was, admittedly, very funny. sadly, i could never think of anything witty with which to mock his music. a shame, really…his music really did deserve to be mocked.