People On Ladders With Letters

We have this local grocery store called Ingles. The Ingles sign is always massively messed up. They misspell words, use wrong letters, have no respect for grammar, etc. I’m starting to think it’s an elaborate conspiracy marketing ploy to get you to actually look at the sign, but i’m not sure if they’re really quite that brilliant. However, the line between brilliance and stupidity can be a fine one, to say the least.

Yesterday’s entry was “TOMESTONE PLZZAS”. So… very… ghetto. Last week they had some other brand of pizza on sale… but both of the “Z”s were backwards. Their set of letters also seems to be missing periods, so all the prices read something along the lines of “599.” What? A $599 pizza? No, actually it’s a $599 PLZZA, silly.

The highlight of all time for that particular sign was “POND CAKE.” And it wasn’t like the “U” in “POUND CAKE” had fallen down or wandered off on its own… there just wasn’t a space for it. Someone honestly thought that was how you spelled the delectable dessert’s name. Pond cake sounds not-so-tasty. Their sign is like ever-increasing hilarity that I don’t have to pay for. 

I don’t know why any of this is suprising though; SC is somewhere around 48/49/50th in literacy and education every year. Sidenote: I just misspelled “literacy” and had to re-type it. Who said we aren’t products of our environment?