tonight? we rock out with the very loud dirt rock stylings of gov’t mule. lucky for us…this is not one of the unfortunate shows on this tour where they’re playing with kid rock. just the mule…quite possibly the best live guitar tone i’ll hear anytime soon. joy.

last night i ruled the scrabble board (yeah, i’m bragging about it. and what?) while we watched a bit of the unc/tech b-ball game. i haven’t watched tv in so long…i just stare at it when i’m at someone’s house…like i’ve never seen it before. luckily, i kept my wits about me enough to leave all scrabble challengers in my wake. lee mcd also broke a glass light fixture during an impromptu pillow fight…how much fun are those? seriously? (pillow fights, not broken light fixtures) 

two friends of mine, liz and ada, are doing an internship this semester at the focus on the family deal in colorado springs. just got an email from ada….they’re learning good stuff. questions like “what do you believe to be true?” “Why do you believe it to be true?” “How did you come to believe it to be true?” wow…i spent four years as a “religion” major and never got asked those questions. that really makes up how you see the world, that’s your worldview…and most of us never stop to think about it (or anything else for that matter.) they also had to study the roles of husbands and wives (as defined by scripture) in their marriage and family class…and then write out their wedding vows. ada put it best when she said, “a very interesting excercise…when you have no one in mind.” 

true. true.