Govt Mule

gov’t mule, you ask? yes…that was one big, nasty rock and roll show. and i had a well-planned half-day off today, so sleeping in rocked as well. i’d show you some pictures…but the pesky venue wouldn’t allow cameras. now, the hippie hoards could bring in their bootlegging gear (nothing like 10′ tall mic stands to ruin somebody’s view)…but i couldn’t snap some pics. which is a shame, because the lighting design for the show was freakishly good. also a shame, because i would have loved to take some video of the “that guy” (you know…there’s always “that guy”) who was in front of us. i’ve seen some jam-banders get their groove-thing on dancing at a show…but this guy was unique to say the least. he caused a solid ten minutes of snickering from my crew…i wonder if he gives lessons?

i have nothing else of value to add to your life today. apologies abound. go read some of tim‘s stuff instead. he has cool pictures from australia.