Byrd Watching

spent yesterday afternoon and night hanging out with the mcd brothers and mississippi’s own josh byrd, who’s currently scamming some couch at my house. (and wireless internet… courtesy of my neighbor? i’ve lived there for 18 months and i didn’t know i had wireless access… who does this guy think he is? too bad i’m moving in a week, eh? countdown: 7 days.) we ordered the same thing at schlotzsky’s (funny name, serious sandwhich… and killa pizzas) which was slightly brothers-from-another-mother strange. very, very cool guy… i got to tell him how much he needed to snag the new jonny lang album long time coming… he, of course, agreed. we also checked out a little youth group “action” at church and got the “pleasure” of showing up the night they were talking about SEEEEEX. fun times… especially hearing the phrases sucking the coating off her tonsels and cleaning the plaque off her teeth in reference to making out. holy crap… so very funny. and then… we watched stomp… which is just too cool. i keep catching myself tapping on my desk today. it’s like an unstoppable urge to make percussion noise. i should just learn to beatbox. yo.

in other news… there’s some awesome graf and stencils over at keep drafting. you should probably check it out. guaranteed to make you more creative throughout today. promise.