Barnes Show Recap

dave barnes… a man who no one has apprently told that skinny white boy usually doesn’t go with soulful… good thing for us he doesn’t listen. last night was a great show. very fun. much laughter, much appreciation of songs and words (and when did dave learn to play the guitar? shocking). i’ve opened for lots of people i like, but this was the first time i got to open for someone i love. he’s definately one of my favorite songwriters.

if you get a chance to see him play anytime soon, make him tell you the story about the dog… and the crossbow. too bizarre. there was also much after hours convo on the unfortunate way that we are a generation without wit…sad times. barnes submitted that you don’t get the ability to spout off witty quips until you’re somewhere in the 50-60 bracket. it’s like you clock half a century, and you’re in…you get the book full of the wit and wisdom of country folk near and wide. we’re working hard to change that. youngens who can hold their own with the best of ’em. a’ight now? we also came away from the “adult” convo with some fun stories from randy (aka booski), jammin java’s booking agent, about his 100% polish father hanging out with so many italian friends in upper state new york that he started using phrases like “gumbahs.” whatde? polish… gombah… whatde? so confusing. and hysterical. and confusingly hysterical.

by the way kids, not to be too repetitive… but barnes’ new stuff is MMM MMM GOOD. just go buy his new album so i’ll shut up about it.

i also got some nice pics of one of downtown columbia’s newest installations… a 30′ tall fire hydrant. yep, it’s hideous. in the words of the always wit-filled jon mcd, “columbia’s nothing but concrete and body odor.” …and, apparently thanks to taxpayer dollars, 30′ hydrants. i mean, i saw the thing and i immediately had to pee soooooo bad. ew… did i really just say that? at least we’ll never have to worry about downtown cola going up in flames. big shout out (halla, etc) to lee mcd, lb, and lanna for making the trek for the show. it’s always nice to feel some hometown love when i’m away from the hometown… especially when playing in the city of concrete and b.o. …yo. (or something like that.)