yep… it snowed. and all of the upstate rejoiced. when it snows and i go walking and hear that sound… i’m an 8 year old kid all over again. so… i’m sure you’re thinking, “where’s my OUTRAGEOUS THURSDAY™ recap, sucka?” easy, killer… all things in good time. 

first things first… if anyone is feeling generous, and i know you are, you should probably buy me one of samsung’s new SPH i330 cell phone/pda’s. you know you want to. pretty please?

moving on, the original plan for this week’s OUTRAGEOUS THURSDAY™ was a little waterfall watching with mcd, however, since most of the upstate was walking in a winter wonderland when we stepped outside yesterday morning, road tripping to the mountains was not a viable option. so, what’s better than waterfalling it on the day off? sleeping in, silly. alas, no matter how hard i try to sleep in lately, i have apparently become too much of a “grown up” (note the quotes) and my body won’t let me sleep in often. i was up by 9:00. so much for that plan. 

most of OUTRAGEOUS THURSDAY™ was spent taking pictures outside with lanna. a few things always seem to happen when we go “a-picture-taking”:

1. we get kicked off someone’s land (last time) or accosted by the police (this time).
2. we make good, frequent use of the three-point turn.
3. we end up getting semi-lost.
4. we take good pictures. (back off… we do. we’re awesome)

i wrapped OUTRAGEOUS THURSDAY™ up by watching the passion of the Christ with about 170 people from church. words really can’t describe. you just need to go see it. it’s still a bit too fresh in my mind (and heart) to figure out what i think of it. i’m still processing. but for now? wow.

it’s still snowing outside my office window right now… and everything is melting. and everything is right with my world today. the only possible exception would be that my faithful ’89 isuzu trooper is old and tired… and will probably die sometime soon. we’ve decided if he does kick the bucket, we’ll definately have to blow it up, film the explosion, and use it as some sort of video illustration on a sunday morning at new spring. oh, how i love my job.

also, yesterday, i saw a license plate that said “JOVIFAN“… 

oh yeah… i’ve seen a million faces… and i’ve rocked them all.