Shooting and Pizza

well, i spent some of OUTRAGEOUS THURSDAY™ shooting. our downtown area is so great for photographia. i find something new everytime i go walking around… especially in the little alleys and such. i also did some work at the office (day off, schmay off), had some lunch with wilson, and wrote two songs… both of which i’ll probably play tonight. i really need to stop doing that, but i can’t help it. i’ll try to post lyrics when i finally decide what they actually need to say. oh… and we had papa john’s pizza and coca cola classic for dinner last night… the papa always treats me right… and it rules me. (and then indigestion ruled me… but it was a fair trade… and i think we should make trade fair… or something. i don’t know… i heard that somewhere.) 

tonight? for those about to rock… we salute you.