Aussies and Etc.

why do all these aussie folks turn out to be great reads? jenn at sunburned usually makes me smile… but lately i’ve been getting a side of laugh with my smiling. anyone who writes stuff like “if a person doesn’t respond to your emails over a period of several months, is that a hint?” or “i don’t have anything to say to you right now…it’s not you. it’s me.” or “tonight we had nine children and four adults over for dinner. this is not an unusual occurrence.” or ends her paragraphs with statements like the always classic “also. your mama.”… well, folks, she’s alright with me. 

new movies that fall into the category of ” i want to see it but it will most likely not play at my local theater b/c it doesn’t have somebody who’s hollywood-hott in it.” coffee & cigarettes looks interesting, if for no other reason than listening to conversation between iggy pop and tom waits. 

iggy pop: i worked with this drummer the other day, i think you ought to check him out. 

tom waits: what are you trying to tell me? the drumming on my record sucks? what are you saying?

i heart tom waits. but that’s not all… you also get the added bonus of bill murray (who you gonna call?), steven wright, and steve buscemi… good actors, good dialouge… goodness takes motion picture form.

a documentary on rodney bigenheimer, the main guy behind rock radio giant KROQ, called the mayor of sunset strip looks good. 

paul bettany is officially the man, and that makes me look forward to seeing the reckoning. then again, i’m pretty much a sucker for any movie that decently deals with the subject of forgiveness/redemption/etc. it’s got willem dafoe in it, so this one might have a decent shot at showing up at my local theater. yaaay me. also, gina mckee is in it… she was bella (the one in the wheelchair) in notting hill, which i thought was a great part, so i’m interested to see her in something else.

movie review hour… over and out.