Ephiphany Lounge, Pluralism, and Will Gibbs

today is random, short tid-bits of unrelated info day. you didn’t know?

the second EPIPHANY LOUNGE™ (that’s the little artist gathering thingy that nick is putting on monthly.) was last night. MCD was, of course, my pick. he had much to say this morning about how it was frustrating/fun. his take, rightly so, was that artists in general have a fairly off perspective on truth. in one breath, most artistic people will talk about how truth is open to interpretation and how there are no absolutes, and then in the next breath say “that piece of art is horrible.” does no one see how illogical that thought process is? 

pluralism… i hate it. i told MCD it’s the same mentality of the folks who support abortion and support PETA… and don’t think their thought process is at odds with itself. nonetheless, a good time was had by all. i think nick will be able to keep making the EPIPHANY LOUNGE™ better with each seating. by the way, in case you care, i did the invititations for nick this time.

i slept for an hour saturday night. then i slept from 2:00PM until 8:00PM on sunday afternoon. it’s official, my body hates me. 

i met craig humberd, the area director for young life last night, strangely enough, at papa john’s while we were waiting for our repsective pizza orders to be ready. he had on a windy gap t-shirt, so i just struck up some convo about windy gap and found out who he was. very cool. we exchanged business cards. i think we both felt like pose-ur adults… “here’s my card… dude.” …in the middle of the papa john’s parking lot.

much hang out time with jake and suz last night. i heart my friends. we talked for FIVE HOURS. i didn’t realize it until i left their house… at 3:00AM. (again, my body hates me and eventually will exact its revenge) 

i got new flip flops on friday afternoon. you have no idea how glorious they are. the gig at clemson that night with MCD and will gibbs was great. ghetto sound system, but fun nonetheless. will busted out awesome, off-the-cuff renditions of purple rain and george michael’s freedom, as well as all his amazing original stuff. i want to listen to him play right now… sad. MCD was of course king-of-covers and played some great picks. he’s so funny to watch when he doesn’t have a band. completely different confidence level. we are the performing antithesis of each other. he needs the band to feel comfortable… i can’t seem to get comfortable playing music with anyone. whatever the case, fun times were had by all. many thanks to the groupies for showing support. our band-aids rock.