Going Down With The Ship

I had dinner last night with the family for my Grandma’s 84TH BIRTHDAY. She still goes to a gym and exercises three days a week. She’s amazing. I love that woman with all my heart. 

We ate at… wait for it… EL TITANIC. Did the nice Hispanic folks who own the place not do a little nautical history research or at least WATCH the movie before they named the restaurant? Quite possibly one of the worst restaurant names ever. But apt, considering their menu consists of Mexican food and American seafood. Under one roof. On the same plates. COOKED IN THE SAME KITCHEN. My small intestine is doing calisthenics just typing about it. 

By the way, have I ever mentioned that I dislike Mexican food? And seafood? And Mexican seafood? If hating Mexican food was people, i’d be China. But for the fam… for the Grandma… I will sacrifice. I had chips and salsa and then went home and ate a couple of sandwiches and had a Coke. And a big piece of pumpkin pie. And some leftover chocolate chip cookies from SCRABBLE NIGHT™.