Thrifty Friends

went to youth group last night to snap some pictures. fun times with the crew, particularly the above skater homies… who are officially now famous. they crack me up. it’s frightening to see middle school kids interact with each other the same way i do with my guy friends. they have catch-phrases and everything. hysterical.

lanna and i went thrifting on saturday (after i slept in until noon, that is.) i found some highly quality shirts, particularly the orange one that says “cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded.” what? who makes a shirt that says that? (…and even more pressing, who gives said shirt to goodwill?) i also got a lovely blue “pampered chef” shirt. dang skippy i am. dang skippy.

the rest of my t-shirt haul (like the “oysters make you love longer” one) are most likely e-bay bound. you have to love buying t-shirts for $1 and selling them for $20… with minimal work involved. (hey, it works for my boy john…) if nothing else, it’s a nice hobby that fills my saturdays with joy, my bank account with a few extra dollars, and someone’s mailbox with some swank schwag.

there has been much hanging out occuring at THE 220™ lately… which has been nice. (especially now that i have air conditioning.) i think LB is starting to stake claim to one end of the Non-Motivational Couch™. this week, i’ll start painting the living room (ceiling, walls, trim.) if that goes well, i’ll move on to the kitchen… and the awesome shade of “hot ember” red that it will rock. my house is gonna be hott. that’s all you need to know. THE 220™… center of social festivities… and lounging on the Non-Motivational Couch™… and much chocolate chip cookie baking.