Shane and Shane Show Recap

went to see shane and shane last night in greenville. musically, it was a great show, definitely the best i’ve ever seen them. also, the big suprise of having will hunt playing percussion with them. he did his cool apt core thing as an opening set. (there’s an interview here about the whole apt core thing.) i got to chat with him a little bit afterwards… i hadn’t seen him since a festival in kansas in 2000… he was playing drums for charlie hall then. it was nice to make contact again and re-exchange info. he’s just one of those creative folks i’m drawn to, for whatever reasons… and i want to stay in touch. 

other than the musical side of things last night… it was just a much needed time to spend with God. just involving Him in my life… i’ve been so scattered and bleh lately… i needed some grounding… and some reminding. i think last night will give me much to think about as i walk into a new season of my life (new house, my job constantly changing, etc.)… and i’ll have time in colorado in a few weeks to really focus in and not be so distracted like i have been lately. seriously… i have no idea where the last 6 months of my life went. much to think about. for now… Christ is good… that’s all i really have figured out.