Blah, Blah, Blah

today is the most outrageous OUTRAGEOUS THURSDAY™ in recent memory. why? i awoke to find my tax return in my mailbox today. happy, happy. joy, joy. shua is buying a laptop. i’ve had my sights set on an apple G4 iBook, and lucky me they just released an updated version with lots more bells and whistles, memory, speed, and wireless internet built-in. i will order it tomorrow. mwahahaha.

last night, some of the crew got together for Epiphanuit™ and nick’s first semi-successful attempt at baklava. very fun. fantastic conversation… as always. simon read some new stories (stalkers being my favorite) and then a few folks did a dry run-through of his play weird: or the extremely odd couple… which we’re hopefully going to put on downtown later this year. i love simon’s writing. so witty. he kept stopping while reading and telling me, “i’m glad you think that line is funny…. no one ever thinks that’s funny.” HOW could no one think it’s funny? he’s great. 

i’m having a late lunch with burdette today. more great conversation is on the way.

oh, and ryan linked one of the more wonderful websites i’ve ever seen… lifeswitch. it’s not even a website… it’s more of an absolutely amazing use of the web to communicate to people in an engaging way. (don’t stop where it asks you for your contact info… that’s where it becomes greatness.) just… amazing.