Epiphany Lounge Talk

today someone got to my site by googling “downtown atl ghetto pic.” what?

moving on, here are the new invitations for the next seating of the Epiphany Lounge™. i’m on this bruce lee kick lately. heh… that was so unintentional. ok…sorry. (but just for fun, here’s a bruce desktop wallpaper. everyone in the office will see your desktop and know you’re not to be triffled with.) 

the invites are the first design piece to feature the trademark for the Lounge. simple, mono-chromatic (you know me.) in fact… it’s so simple, i’m sure there are 20 marks that look just like it… but i did do some research and haven’t run across anything yet. (of course, that means nothing.) but for now, our little artist’s community has some branding.