An awesome little Polaroid Project. What a great concept… i think i’ll be ripping it off the next time i go on a trip anywhere scenic. 

So… i got a Gmail account. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about… other than brilliant marketing. Leave it up to Google to create a huge demand for a free product. (Seriously… people are selling invites on Ebay. When you make a free product and create a demand like that… somebody in the marketing dept. better be getting a pat on the back.) I suppose it all goes back to the elementary school fears of getting picked last for the team… who wants to be the last one picked? Sure… it doesn’t really matter… but it does. 

The show last night went well. Many thanks to the multitude of locals who showed up to support… always a pleasure to be your entertainment (code word for “background music”) for an evening in the city. Also, McD backed over his guitar yesterday afternoon prior to the show. You know… bring your gear out to your vehicle, realize you forgot something, go back in the house, walk out… start the car… hit reverse… …curse yourself for being born. Poor Leo Kottke. He’s got a not-so-nice five inch crack along the side now. The most humorous part of the entire situation? I’ve done this before as well. In college… i backed over two guitars at the same time. We are officially both idiots. We need stupid insurance. At least we brought the mid-tempo folk rock last night. We’ve seen a million faces… and we’ve rocked them all.

Tonight… my “surprise” party.