You Should Go Visit…

micah kandros design. he’s so good. for so many reasons. 

1. i watched the great american cinematic classic better off dead, which he owns, at his casa last time i was in nashville. a young john cusack, some killer paper boys, and the famous racecar-driving, howard-cosell-talking ree brothers… you can’t go wrong. (except for the bad judgement call of the dancing fast food claymation scene… that was truly unforgivable, even for the 80’s)

2. he’s a great designer. (yep, that simple)

3. he takes pictures that capture great moments. like this one and this one. and so many more.

4. the fact that he and barnes have inhabited the same living space is frighteningly hysterical.

5. the site redesign is so sexy (yep, sexy… no regrets for saying it) that it makes me giddy.