i’m sitting in the denver airport… they have free wireless… only it won’t let me on the network. AT&T apparently hates my macintosh. i even tried calling their “care team” 800 number. the dude was clueless… apparently they don’t “care” about mac-users. oh well, i suppose free wireless that doesn’t work is still, in theory at least, better than charging me for it like detroit tries to do. brand new airport… and they can’t spare some wifi? i mean seriously… do they have to charge you for everything? they already rape you on food prices once they have you trapped waiting for your (delayed) flight… the least they could do is let you check your email without charging you for it. $7 for 24 hours of wifi… OR i could just hate detroit. i’ll go with door #2. whatever the case… i’m just typing this now to post later.

i’m tired… but rested. tired only in the sense that i could use a little bit of sleep because we were up late last night after josh and amanda BENEDICT’s wedding reception and then up early to get to the airport. (by the way… the denver security checkpoint system is horrible… a lesson in inefficiency.) but i am rested. this vacation has been as close to perfect as anything i’m involved with could be. i’m really excited to get back to SC and work. to change a few things. i’ve had much time to think, clearly and objectively… and filter through some wise counsel from expected (and unexpected) places during the week. things i’ve decided:

1.) time to start saving for a new vehicle. i love the trooper and all… but i can’t drive anywhere outside of anderson without thinking it will break down/overheat/blow up. time to really start saving. (being in colorado for almost a week… land of vehicles for folks like me, definitely put it in my head.)

2.) time to finally join the gym again. i’m tired of being self conscious about my body. it’s a waste of time and energy…

3.) organize, organize, organize at work. granted, organization is my weakness… everybody who knows me has to know that… if they pay attention. so it’s also time to ask for help and stop being so stubbornly prideful about doing everything myself.

4.) i have a to-do list… now i need a stop-doing list. there are things that are draining my energy and taking my attention and focus away from what i do best… i need to ditch those things… quickly.

not bad for a week of thinking and relaxing. i’ll take it.