Huh Corp

Have you ever had occasion to deal with a design or marketing or identity or branding firm? Not like your friend’s nephew “who can, you know… like photoshop stuff”, but a for real “we make our money doing this and supporting multiple employees and their families” firm? If so, you might have realized how overtly pretentious and full of themselves some can be. (Not all, mind you, but certainly some). If so, you’ll enjoy Huh Corp for it’s apt satire. The stock photos really sell it well. Bonus points for “Our office is really modern and we’ve got nice computers and stuff. If you ever saw it, you’d say “Wow, cool office. These guys are legit.”… so very true.

If you’re up for a less corporate version of the creative world, you should check out Hugh McLeod’s How To Be Creative post. There’s some fantastic insight in there, and he writes quite well.