alrighty… the funniest thing i read today would have to be matt nathanson talking about drummer matt chamberlain, who played on nathanson’s new deal. for the uninitiated, chamberlain has also lent (sold, actually) his freakishly good percussive skills to edie brickell (whose new album is awesome), old school pearl jam, fiona apple, keith urban, teitur, john mayer, etc. he’s really good. so, back to the original point (there was a point?), nathanson says, “the man owns the pocket and just rents it out to every other drummer.” if you don’t know what pocket he’s referring too… just give me a courtesy laugh and move on. nothing to see here.

tonight, my friend nick has organized the first EPIPHANY LOUNGE™. 12 artists/creative types getting together for a three course dinner and some fun Q & A about the arts (and faith.) i’m excited, though the invitation says “smart attire.” i’m wondering if most of my wardrobe is a little on the dumb side. hmm. i suppose ironing will have to occur prior to me leaving the house. how rare.