Albums of the Year

For kicks, here’s my top five albums of the year (in order):

1. Chris ThileDeceiver
2. SashaInvolver
3. Robbie Seay BandBetter Days
4. Dave BarnesBrother, Bring the Sun
5. JumpBetween the Dim and the Dark
5. Mute MathReset EP*

I am apparently mellowing out in my old age. Then again… not too much in the current state of music really impresses me, so I suppose i’m more jaded than I am mellow. 

The best lyric of the year comes from the best album of the year. Thile continues to read my mail with junk like, “We kept in touch but the touch I was wanting from her came from girls that scared me too little to love. So all of the thoughts I thought I might tell her turned into songs that until now she’d never heard of.” Mmm hmm… check… affirmative. Over and out.

* This was a self-edit completely unrelated to the Jump Little Children bashing occurring in the comments section. I basically just forgot about the Mute Math album. It is a deserving inclusion in the top 5, even if it’s only an EP.