Skyway Robbery

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport has free wifi. That’s what i’m talking about.

They also have ridiculously well-designed comfy chairs by the gates. They’re like something out of Design Within Reach. However, the cool points earned by the chairs are quickly offset by the hideous carpet under my feet and the bad weather-channel-esque piano jazz in my ears. 

There’s a passenger airplane at the gate in front of me with propellers… a sign that your airport might be a bit smallish. My flight doesn’t leave for another hour. I have a two hour layover in Chicago. I forgot to take my gerber knife off my key ring. That was mistake #1. I didn’t realize that the tiny pliers on my key ring were apparently a potential weapon. That? You guessed it, mistake #2. So what do I get for this pair of mistakes? I get to go through the entire metal detector gauntlet twice. I also get the fantastic bonus option of mailing my knife and pliers to myself for the bargain price of $7. No… you get out… $3 change from a ten spot. Airports thrive on inflation.