Outrageous Thursday Recap

well, OUTRAGEOUS THURSDAY™ was, once again, less than outrageous… but was wonderful in its restfulness, which is really what a day off is all about. slept in… glorious. did the address change thing at the post office, ordered new checks (sidenote: why do all check designs suck? they should let me design my own checks. now that would be awesome banking)… bought a cookie sheet and a few shirts, etc. i spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with suz and chatting while seeing my sister’s house/shop in all it’s interior design goodness. my sister is a genius. 

we also went and looked at a downtown loft that is owned by an acquaintance of suzanne’s. great place… makes me want to buy a building downtown right now… as opposed to the two year plan i know i need to be on so i’m out of debt completely before embarking on that journey. all things in good time.

pizza at jake and suz’s for dinner… papa john always treats me right. especially with ice cold coca-cola. late last night we went to clemson’s FCA. brown and some of the boys are leading worship for them next year, so this was their “debut.” they rocked. the speaker was less-than-lackluster. you win some, you lose some.